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You can save up to 90% when you pay with a EM token for any product or service from an Apple product to a car or even an apartment.
EM token is what drives Easy.market, which is an asset of a company and it’s also an internal unit that can be used as a means of payment. The EM token increases in value due to the active development of a community and a natural desire of the people to earn and save money on purchases.

How it works:

  • You buy the EM token then choose a product on marketplace;
  • EM token’s price rises but the price of the product still the same (meaning in US dollars);
  • The value of your EM tokens increases to be equivalent to the price of the product (meaning in US dollars);
  • You get the product or a service you’d chosen in the beginning. Easy as that!

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Alexander Khalemski

Alexander has managed a cryptocurrency portfolio of Fexbook AG company; he has also provided a client management for Vatican, Russian Space Roskosmos and other VIP clients; he has done a successful business with ModulTrade Ltd. token.

All of this is thanks to his prestigious education in London and an unshakable faith in IT technology, because of which impossible things can be easily done. The icing on the cake from the experience of Alexander has become Easy.market, such a project that allows you to purchase products and services 75% cheaper due to the growth of EM token.

Our plans


  • July-August 2020 - PreSale and Start of Easy Market
  • September 2020 - Registration of a company and opening of a representative office in London. Easy Market mobile app for Google Play + Android mining app
  • October 2020 - Launch of marketplace 2.0, sale of trading licenses (holders of EM tokens will be able to sell their goods and services, connect sellers and receive bonuses from the sale of licenses, as well as% of sales turnover)
  • November 2020 - Easy Market mobile application for iOS and MacOS + application for mining on iOS and MacOS
  • December 2020 - Summing up the results of the Christmas event in Singapore, rewarding leaders based on the results of the promotion.
  • January 2021- Launch of new areas of the company, additional revenue opportunities for holders of EM tokens
  • February 2021 - Opening of official representative offices in different countries
  • March 2021 - Holding an event in Bali and rewarding active partners
  • April 2021 - Issue of shares of Easy Market (IPO)
  • July 2021 - Launch of production of our own product line
  • August 2021 - the anniversary of the company, rewarding leaders, an event in Bangkok, rewarding leaders according to the results of the promotion.


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